art & illustration

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. As long as I had a pen & paper, I was content to venture into whatever realm my imagination would take me. My talent & determination got me into the RI School of Design where I earned a B.F.A. in Illustration. I loved Providence and was so fortunate to remain in my home state of Rhode Island, yet be immersed in a completely different world at RISD. My most significant experience in college was when RISD sent me to Rome, Italy as part of RISD's European Honors Program. Living in Rome influenced my life and my art beyond measure. Even now, many years later, I continue to draw upon my time in Rome—from the beauty and color of the country, the incrediblly rich art and  architecture, and quite remarkably, the talented group of peers with whom I studied. I continue to cherish each of them as friends & admire them as artists.

     My post-RISD years have continued to be an adventure in learning and creative experience. I've worked as book designer and have illustrated children's books of my own. In recent years, I've returned to my first passion, painting and collage, and I am a teacher. Sharing my time and talents with my students has been one of my most rewarding efforts that is reciprocated in what they share and give to me.